Boxed Tasting: Extras
Boxed Tasting: Extras

Boxed Tasting: Extras

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UNAVAILABLE DURING HOLIDAY WEEKS such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter etc.

A delicious opportunity to sample one or several of our cake options prior to your celebration. Each sample is a 5.4oz cup. Enough for two to sample, or one to enjoy ;) 
You can also add on a Flavour Pod, which is a little sample cup of filling that you can add to your cake sample choice(s) or eat on it's own. 

Remember, we aim to keep pickups between 11-2pm. If you need something outside of those times, please reach out directly to ensure we can be available for you.

PLEASE NOTE: that these samples have been previously prepared and flash frozen to preserve freshness. Note that this is NOT how we prepare your wedding cake - your wedding cake will never be frozen.