The Wedding Cake Process

Wedding Cake semi naked mollycake
It’s more than a cake, it’s a delicious memory. MollyCake whole heartedly believes that a cake should taste as good as it looks and it should represent the spirit of the couple.  We look forward to working with you to find a design that suits you.
Custom wedding cakes begin at 500, our cakes generally average 8-12 per serving depending on the details of the cake.  

 Step 1. Availability

Check our date book and see if we're available for your wedding date. Keep in mind, while we do our best to keep this calendar updated, it does not guarantee availability, however, if it's open in the calendar, it does give us a great starting point!

Step 2. Servings

In most circumstances we recommend offering servings for approximately 50-70% of your guests. Things to consider; is dessert being served as part of your meal? are you offering a late night table? does the late night table include sweets other than the cake? We can get into this more during the consult.

Step 3. Investment 

Consider your budget. Our large celebration cakes begin at 500.  Generally, they average 8-12/serving, depending on the details. This can be uncomfortable for some, but it is important so that we understand how to direct our conversation or ensure that we are offering you options that work for you. Remember, you are not paying for 'just a cake'.  Your cake is a display piece, it's part of your decor. You're paying for time and experience, often a cake tasting, additional services that are not generally required for your average cake.

It's not just a cake.  It's a delicious memory

Step 4. Cake Tasting!

Who doesn't want cake? Here you will find details on our two Cake Tasting Options. The best option is our 'Boxed Tasting' option. You get 6 flavours of cake to take home and sample.  These will offer the best and most accurate representation of our cakes and these are currently hosted 4x per year (Jan, Mar, May and either Aug or Sep). 

If you can't make a Boxed Tasting work with your schedule, after you've had your consult, you can sample some of our classic flavours in a custom tasting.  This will offer some insight into our cake sponges and buttercream which should help you decide to book your cake with us ;) 

Step 5. Let's Talk! 

Schedule a 40 minute consultation  If you're ready to talk, so are we! We look forward to discussing the details of your event and how we can help make your day a little sweeter. We will be discussing your special day in detail to come up with options that work for your celebration.  A few things you may want to consider before we chat;
  • If you have any images that you are using for inspiration, please send them along (info@  in advance so we can hit the ground running when we chat and ensure that we can cover everything you need.
  • If you don't yet have inspirational images, look for some, I learn as much hearing about designs you dislike as those you do like. 
  • Do you require a cake stand rental?
  • Have you considered what your cake table will look like
Notes, before scheduling;
  • our wedding cakes begin at 500, if you want a more cost effective option, or are having a smaller celebration, you may find something that works for you here or here
  • if your celebration is on a Sunday or holiday / holiday weekend, there may be different minimums for your order, up to 1000
  • delivery is available to most places, but there may be upcharges for certain days / holidays etc.
  • for some farther off delivery areas, there may be a minimum order that must be met to qualify for delivery