Here are some of our class options.  The list is growing, so if you don't see what you're after, just send us a note.  It may be the one we're working on now!



A fantastic night out regardless of your choice.  Come one out and in each class you'll get great tips & tricks for how to make these tasty bites. 

In the Demo, you'll watch as Christine preps, makes and fills a batch of macaron. There will be opportunities to ask questions and take notes.  Go home with 4 macaron.

Hands On

With the Hands On class, with Christine’s guidance, you will work in pairs to mix and make, pipe, bake and fill your own. What’s made will be divided among the participants to take home - minimum of 12.  In addition to taking home what the class made you will also go home with the recipe used in class and a template you can use when you try them at home.

Master Class

This class is just like the Hands On class except in this one, you get to make two types of macaron, a ganache and a buttercream filling to fill them. Go home with all recipes used and a minimum of 24 macaron.


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