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Kitchen & Space Rentals

Ideal for small bakery businesses, larger kitchens who need space for off-site recipe testing, or those who wish to host classes or parties.

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Introducing King Road Kitchen!

We have been hard at work in our wonderful new kitchen space; which is available for rent. The space is perfect for small food based businesses requiring a certified kitchen to work out of but aren’t yet ready to make the leap into their own bricks and mortar. Also ideal for off-site recipe testing for more established businesses.

Do more, in less time.

Time to scale up your home business or side hustle? We've got you covered with our fully licensed kitchen, commercial appliances and more space. Our 2, large, Blodgett gas ovens, dough sheeters and stand mixers ranging from 5Q to 60Q will make scaling up an easy process. Allowing you to do more, in less time.

Join the community.

It's an amazing feeling to be a part of a community of like minded and supportive individuals. Just think of having a group where you can safely bounce ideas around and learn from each other. Sharing ideas in a safe space and supporting your fellow entrepreneurs.

Classes & Parties

Our space is flexible enough to allow a great set up for classes or parties. Think Sugar Cookies or Gingerbread Houses - a bridal shower or a girls night out. We've got most of the equipment you need for a fraction of the investment.

Equipment & Extras


~ Blodget Gas Convection Ovens

~ Single Burner Induction Burners

~ Mixers, ranging from 5q to 60q

~ Dough sheeters, up to 30"

~ Day use Fridge & Freezer

~ Flash Freezer / Cooler

~ Food Processors

~ Mobile bun cooling racks

~ Microwave ovens

~ Espresso Machine

~ Variety of sheets pans, full sheet to 1/4 sheet

~ Cake pans & baking tins, 4" to 14"

~ large variety of small wares

...and more!


In order to work in our kitchen, we require the following;

~ A valid food handlers certificate. Halton is not currently offering one (as at Jan 7, 2023), but here is a list of ministry approved certification providers.

~ Business liability insurance listing MollyCake as an insured in the amount of $3million (we recommend reaching out to Grant Leslie at Desjardins, 905.469.4499 for a comparison quote.

~ A complete and signed agreement

~ A $300 securtiy deposit held til the end of your term

The following are not required by the kitchen, this is your business to run as you decide, but did you know ...

~ to start any kind of business venture, you are required to get a business license through the city of Burlington. This is different than registering your business name.

~ opening up your own food based business also requires that you get a health inspection in the kitchen. Luckly this is a quick and painless process. We recommend calling 311 and leaving a message for Rod, our current health inspector. The health department offers a wealth of information on the best way forward.


Let us worry about the day to day bills & such, while you focus on building your business.

~ dry & cold storage available to rent

~ flexible hours, 24/7

~ secure keypad entry / exit system

~ security system for your safety, including a panic button

~ sound system for your enjoyment

~ easy access & free parking

~ take advantage of buik pricing by grouping purchases from our wholesale suppliers

~ so much more!

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