Last Updated: September 27, 2021

We have been in touch with the ministry of labour, the health department and we continue to abide by the strictest COVID protocols in order to keep everyone as safe as we are able to.  

Please know that everyone who access our kitchen have all been fully vaccinated. That said, we are still not offering in-store consultations, if you'd, you can book a virtual consult. To get your orders, we offer three options;

  1. Choose the appropriate delivery option at the checkout screen when ordering.
  2. Upon arrival at the store, call us at 905.631.9647 and we will bring your order out for you
  3. Upon arrival at the store, you may enter the store but we ask that you wait at the door.  If the music is playing loudly and we don't notice you immediately, feel free to start dancing and say hello and we'll be right with you!

We do not offer an in-store payment system - therefore everything must be paid online prior to pick up. 


Please note that during these times, we are all aware that the regulations can change on a dime.  If you place an order, and rules change that affect your celebration, our policy is to convert your payment to an online store credit towards a new date or a future order.  The only exception to this is if we have already begun work or planning preparations on your order.  These cases  will be reviewed and handled individually.

Thank you for being awesome.  Have a sweet day!