MollyCake Gift Cards

Do you have one of these gift cards?  We've updated our systems a couple times over the years and we don't want to confuse anyone. If you have one of the cards shown above, or a valid coupon from us, we will honour them all.  To learn more about how to use them, please read the FAQ's below.  If you can't find what you are looking for, just reach out directly and we'll be happy to assist!

How to use your Gift Card

Both of these cards, with remaining balances, are still valid to be used online.  At the Check Out screen, on the right hand side, you will see a field that says "Gift Card or Discount Code" where you will enter the code you have.  Enter the code there, click 'Apply' and it will be taken off your total.  

Find the Code

Look on the back of the cards.  For the card with pink, you will enter the 'Ackroo ID' number as it's shown.


For the black and white card, you will use the 3 digit pin number on the back to create an 8 digit code.  The code on the card will be the last digits of your 8 digit code where the first digits will simply be '0'.  Examples:  34 = 00000034   or 461 = 00000461  As long as the final code totals 8 digits.  






What if my code doesn't work?

Were you cleaning out an old cupboard and you found an old card you want to use? Just give us a call directly - 905.631.9647 - or send us an email to  Be sure that you have the numbers from the back of the cards when you reach out.  There are some really old cards that, while they will still be honoured, were not entered into the new system but we do have the codes for them!