Raspberry Cinnamon Buns

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Ready for you to proof & bake so you will get all the smells and feels to share with your sweet.  Just imagine, yummy, cinnamony, gooey delicious mixed with raspberry freshness.  A perfectly balanced breakfast!

*** PRE-ORDER BY FEB 5 ******

Comes in a 5 pack of frozen dough, ready to proof & bake.


Remove from freezer and place in fridge about 24 hours before baking. 

Remove from the fridge, remove packaging and cover with a tea towel. Leave on counter or in a warm spot (a lower oven drawer / on stove top with a warm oven or back in my day, under the sheets of a heated water bed (don't judge me). 

Pull out the icing bag at the same time and leave on the counter while prepping & baking.

Once it has almost doubled in size, place it in your cool oven and turn on to 350.  Once it hits 350, set timer for 15 minutes (it will likely need a bit more time but it's always good to check).

Each oven is different so go from there. You want to bake until really lightly golden and baked through. 

Once done, let sit on stove top approx. 10  minutes if you can stand it and then ice with the Cream Cheese Raspberry topping.  Serve.

Share with your love one(s) and ENJOY!