Mince Tarts

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Elevate your Christmas traditions with our scratch-made Mince Tarts! Handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, these delectable tarts encapsulate the warm, spiced essence of the season. Our perfectly rich, flaky pastry crust cradles a generous filling of spiced fruits, nuts and just a little booze making each bite a symphony of holiday flavours.  We go beyond basic raisins and apples to include currents, cherries, cranberries, and peel that I candied myself.  Whether you're sharing them with family and friends or savouring them by the fireplace, these Mince Tarts are the embodiment of Christmas comfort and cheer. Add a touch of homemade love to your holiday celebrations and experience the magic of the season in every delicious bite.

If you want just a little extra boozy goodness, check out our Brandy Butter to go with them!


Filling: Fresh apple, dried fruit (raisins, currents, cherries, cranberries), brown sugar, suet (or butter, subject to availability), in house candied orange and lemon peel, orange juice, brandy.