Pastry, August 28, 2019
Pastry, August 28, 2019

Pastry, August 28, 2019

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Pastry.  Pies, tarts, hand pies and more. When it's done right it is downright delicious so come on out and learn how to make a couple different types of pastry and you'll be taking home dessert for the family!

 Includes a half hour pizza lunch, 2 slices and a drink.     Ideal for ages 12+

All for only $125

 After care is available, must be booked in advance, $10/hour - depending on the group, this may include a walk over to Spencer Smith

 Students are requested to bring a reusable water bottle with a tight seal, and a snack. Indoor, close toed, no slip shoes are required (clean sneakers fit the bill perfectly), as well, clothing must be fitted with no loose ties or wide open pockets. Short hair must be covered with a hat and long hair must be tied back at both ends (braids, buns are ideal).